Renting is probably the most common as it's a fixed cost with no risk but it is also the most expensive, long term

because you keep paying for the rental for as long as you use it.


For stable long term businesses, we recommend our short 2 year lease- to-own program which for the same monthly payment as the rental.


If you don't like our services you simply send the terminal back and cancel your merchant agreement and you're free to go to any other provider you might want to choose.


A word of caution, though we don't charge any penalties if you leave (we intend on keeping you through the best possible service), many other providers charge massive penalties so inquire before you sign anything with them.


Please find below a comparative chart for your convenience with active links to the terminals so you can compare as you browse !

Click on the link below for some imformation on your rights as a merchant !


Buy Outright

Rent/Lease Mth.

Ingenico ICT220



Ingenico ICT250



Ingenico IWL250G



IWL220B Com.Base



Ingenico IWL220B



IWL250G Chg. Base



Ingenico IPP320

Pinpad Optional



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