Restaurant Features

Extensive and flexible features will streamline your restaurant business.


Unlimited number of operators

Fast numeric operator login or operator list selection

Optional operator password

Configurable operator name for receipts

Time clock in and clock out with confirmation 7 day activity receipt


Unlimited concurrent orders in progress

Configurable order types (Eat-in, Take-out, etc.)

Easy and fast product selection with unlimited categories and sub-categories

Optional product lookup by code, partial product name or barcode scan

Efficient product quantity, price override, void and refund

Display of running order quantity and amount subtotal

Order review and order void

Merging of orders

Restaurant Table Screen

Designed for restaurants with table service

Unlimited number of restaurant sections (Bar, Lounge, Dining, etc.)

Configurable table range for each section

Display of table number, server, customer, seats and more

Intuitive colour coding for insight and quick operation

Tables with items on hold are clearly indicated

Unlimited orders can be associated to a table

Fast Order Screen

Designed for fast paced businesses

One button order creation

Color coded fast press buttons for order entry

Display of running order subtotal, taxes and total

Fast order print and fast pay buttons

Intuitive screen designer for section color, display order and product buttons

Seat Based Ordering

Optional seat based ordering

One button addition of new seats

Quick scroll for seat review and order entry

Split and reprint order by flexible seat selection

Seat number printed on receipts and order slips

Modifiers and Add-ons

Unlimited modifier groups with configurable display order

Unlimited modifiers per group with configurable display order

Modifiers can be simple descriptors (Rare, Medium, Well, etc.)

Modifiers can link to a chargable product for add-ons

Modifiers support unlimited levels of child modifiers

Automatic Modifier groups for deposits, recycle fees and other automatic charges

Hold and Release

Intuitive item hold and release to accommodate courses

Take full customer orders including drinks, appetizers, mains and more

Quickly and easily hold items from being sent to order printers

Colour indication of items on hold

Simple release of items on hold

Discounts and Surcharges

Flexible discounts and surcharges

Fixed amount or percentage based

Percentage calculated on order subtotal or category filtered

Configurable tax associated to discount or surcharge


Optionally associate orders to customers

Easily add new customers or find and update existing customers

Tracking of customer name, customer ID, e-mail address and notes

Efficient lookup of existing customers by partial name or partial customer ID

Customer information shared in real-time including unlimited length notes

Display of customer name on order screen

Associate an unlimited number of pictures to the customer profile

Optional e-mail receipts

Customer account charge, pay and balance check


Integrated PCI compliant EMV and NFC payment terminal for credit and debit

Reloadable flexible amount gift cards

Quick pay from order screen

Display of tax and order grand total

Display of amount owing during tendering

Unlimited split payments

Payment by cash, check, credit, debit, gift card, gift certificate, loyalty and e-transfer

Group payment of orders

Display of change due to customer

Optional tracking of tip amounts


Configurable receipt headers for merchant location information

Configurable receipt footers for advertising

Detailed product information including description, quantity, price and total

Configurable printing of product code

Detailed tax, payment and tip information

Reprint of closed receipts

Optional e-mail receipts

Order Printing

Optional printing to multiple order printers (Kitchen, Bar, etc.)

Configurable printing of order type (Eat-in, Take-out, etc.)

Category filtered order printing (food to kitchen, drinks to bar, etc.)

Incremental quantity handling

Fraud prevention blocks removal of printed order items

Large easy-to-read order tickets

Item modifiers and special instructions

Configurable printed order time

Entire order redirect to receipt printer

Reprint of closed orders

Web Portal Configuration

Manage devices using a secure registration process

Configure receipt headers and footers

Configure unlimited operators, categories and products

Configure unlimited optional modifiers, discounts and surcharges

Configure taxes for any rate structure

Manage inventory and customers

Web Portal Reporting

Batch functionality to report independent of business start and end dates

Automatically emailed batch summary for remote management

View batches, transactions and individual order details

Export transaction details in standard CSV format

Run more than 45 financial and analytic reports

Report on operator clock details and period total hours for payroll

Standard PDF report format for viewing, saving and sending