Buying a terminal to process your transactions is very advantageous as it can save you hoodless of money if you are an established business and are secure that you will be in business long enough to at least mitigate the cost of the purchase.

It's also a must if you will only be accepting debit cards.



All terminals are guaranteed for life ! You should be aware though that in Canada terminals are not interchangeable with other providers.

Please find below a comparative chart for your convenience with active links to the terminals so you can compare as you browse !

Click on the link below for some imformation on your rights as a merchant !


Buy Outright

Rent/Lease Mth.

Ingenico ICT220



Ingenico ICT250



Ingenico IWL250G



IWL250G Com.Base



Ingenico IWL220B



IWL220B Com. Base



Ingenico IPP320

Pinpad Optional



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